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Re: RIP OF was fun.

If i want to play NF than i reactivate my live account ;-/, OF was only reason for me to begin on this Server :cry: . Ditto. OF was a breath of fresh air, the NF playstyle is stale. NF must however be a breath of fresh air for the freeshard lifers judging by all these replies. Can't please everyone...

Re: IS anyone even going to EV

I was surprised to hear EV was implemented instead of Agramon or an even better mid-way zone made by our legendary world builders. They have to use the live patches and aren't allowed to change things or they break the OS license (at least that's what I've garnered by reading Gruenesschaf's posts),...

Re: NF thread

you would think with all the revolution thats happened here, that they would have created a brand new frontier zone - stop copying of live - be original.

you call some of yourselves world buildiers, maybe you should change that to world copiers.

Re: NF thread

haemorrhaging population, must add stuff to make existing population unhappy, necro and pet patch next.

almost de ja vu.

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