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Re: EV as New Solo/Small & 8man

I would love a smallman command like that. I can probably count on 1 hand the number of 2v2s I've gotten in the last month. Not that I mind fighting against larger numbers, but it's nice to have some balanced engagements sometimes. I'll probably be on tonight so I guess I'll keep an eye on the disco...

Re: OF switch

Its not exactly the same for a smallman to try and dodge an 8man as it is for an 8man to dodge a zerg. For one thing you pretty much always know where the zergs are so you can just avoid that keep or general area. 8mans roam all over and you never know when one will turn a corner. I've encountered 8...

Re: OF switch

Why does every single thread on this forum devolve into an epeen measuring contest? And usually with keelia in the center of it. We get you all 8man, youre not special. These forums all suck now because of you jabronis.

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