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Re: Farm task nerf ? Wtf .

Now solo levelers can get a chance at the drops rather then having every task item mob mass farmed by cabalists. This is a good thing. Sorry Never really saw this happen at one spot let alone all of them. Well... no idea about Albion on that matter, but i've seen Animists Mass-shrooming up around X...

Re: Farm task nerf ? Wtf .

Hello everyone , Once upon a time, there was a small 50 cabalist who wanted to farm in Lyonesse. He took a ticket to Yarley Farm. Once arrived, direction Lyonesse. After having passed multiple XP spots, here I finally arrived on the spot to farm my tasks. I start pulling ( caba , dot & run ) an ast...

Re: Midgard overpopulation - 100 more mids than albs and more than 150 more mids than hibs.

pollojack wrote:
Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:19 am
gotwqqd wrote:
Sun Jan 05, 2020 11:06 pm
pollojack wrote:
Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:26 pm
I play mid so I dont have to deal with BD/SM. Intercept rate is too damn high and it is way too easy for BDs to add and be immune to retaliation. Typically need a PA to put one under.
Some people play mid so they dont have to fight against mid.
With some you mean yourself then.

Re: Playing support in Midgard - looking for final spec advice

About shammy spec I have tried 47 buff but at the end it's impossible to use all red buff, so I moved to 43 buff (1 red resist), 27 cave (1st pbaoe disease it's a must) and 18 heal (low heal but need only 1% of power) That's a pretty good and useful skill for most occasions. Personally i went 43 au...

Re: Any discussion regarding GT AOE?

Any at all? Looking at radius, range, los, time, anything? It really does hinder people that wanna zerg, but can't escape the BS aoe dps that do not have a healer in grp, or just simply wanna tag along. I feel it effects a lot of people, and without being able to have Upgraded towers the GT AOE see...

Re: Boost assassin CS damage

Please. The damage is a joke currently. I'm Perfing for 200-400dmg max. Give us the ability to assassinate targets again. Well as a non-assassin-player i understand that feeling, but then i also would want assassins to be weaker in longer duration-fights, and not only due to the risk of others addi...

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