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Re: HP Boost.

The entire point of the change was to slow down caster time to kill (due to the BS that is debuff trains), it's working as intended.

Re: Get rid of /switch

vilcleft wrote:
Tue Nov 12, 2019 1:17 pm
If it were to be removed there would be a genuine happiness, but I doubt it will be due to an uproar in the stealther community

It would also have a detrimental effect on Mercenaries, Blademasters, and anyone who is capable of swapping weapons to change damage types.

Re: Xping can we please have a vote to revert these xp changes

gruenesschaf wrote:
Mon Nov 11, 2019 11:20 am
The change went in the intended direction

So the intention was to slow down leveling, making solo leveling a veritable nightmare, on a server already experiencing population issues.

Odd direction to take things, but it's your server to do with as you wish.

Re: Xping can we please have a vote to revert these xp changes

I don't think comparisons to Stalin are appropriate (come on, it's a video game), but we've seen time and time again that when the devs dig in their heels and start throwing absolutes around, it just hurts the server. Maybe if someone took the time to explain what the purpose of these changes was me...

Re: Sm missing RA abilities

The way I see it, it was a direct nerf to summoning SM with no explanation given, but who gives a crap as long as we can all roll cookie cutter builds or to go play alb where they get all the nice custom buffs. Do you ever stop whining? Every single post you make is a complaint or accusation of fav...

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