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Re: The elephant in the room.

im confused. why is hammer your only choice as a skald? just because the taunt requires little endo to use seems like a pretty weak answer. you dont need the backsnare that much. axe and sword are both pretty acceptable options, axe being the best imo. however, hammer allows you to blow up stealthe...

Re: The elephant in the room.

Crying about one of the strongest 1v1 classes out there because it has trouble with a handful of classes...kite more and that list will diminish.

The game is designed so there are some classes are very hard for a class to handle

Re: Changes to leveling

Sepplord wrote:
Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:49 pm
don't waste your efforts arguing with falcon, it's a waste of time
Half of his up50 in 24 hours is contradicted by himself. No more items on market to buy. So now all the plat you are rolling in is useless regarding buying drops to give to you just doubled your time to level.

Re: Are Earth Wizards better bolt casters than Fire Wizards?

I have made a spec like this that I call the MUDBURNER. Also, side note, matter resists are technically the lowest on average, because they are at the top of every resist chant / buff spec. P.S. I really want that name to stick. Wouldn't a mud burner be like someone who makes pottery ? Making potte...

Re: Minstrel stealth

Thx for the reply. currently im running 45 inst 29 slash 40 stealth. the 40 stealth is so i can keep up with the infi and scouts. and dont get spotted all the time. But was thinking on going 45/35/35. They way we play, im not the dps. but CC, heal and get away. But those 40 stealth is a lot in my m...

Re: Fire or Earth Wiz vs Body Sorc?

Both Earth wiz and Body Sorc will get you HoH groups, which is the highest-end raid I can think of. Body Sorc is far superior at solo'ing, Earth Wiz can leech better in the zerg. Both will prolly make you happy. If you're 50/50 I'd say the body sorc probably gets raid groups a teensie tiny bit easi...

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