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Hero Question LW

I will now change my hero from CS to LW. For this I have the following questions which experienced me Heros can certainly answer. My focus is on the 8vx RvR or less: Skill 10 Blades for side snare 50 LW 50 Shield for better slam and 27 parry. Is that the right choice? Weapons Which weapons should I ...

Re: Hero Template

Now both spears have the Galla spear with 4.x speed (peeling) and the dragon spear with 5.7 (DPS). Now I'm still thinking about the one-handed weapon. Are there any clear recommendations? I think the DOT swords are rather useless because they would interrupt mezz

Hero Template

Hello Community, I'm currently working on a hero template. Can an experienced hero tell me which parts are absolute key parts for the template? I thought, for example to the galla robe or are there any feather items which should always appear in a template? About help regarding the template I would ...

Re: SUN TZU aus Hibernia

Ja, die gab es aber frag mich nicht mehr nach den Namen.

Einen ehemaligen aktiven Enchanter haben wir bei uns in der Gilde (Devox)

Wann kommst zu uns in die Gilde :-)

Wir haben Platz und brauchen einen guten Champ :-)

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