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Re: Immunity Timer and Scouts

Scout are super balanced. If you lose it's because you play bad. There are many ways to interrupt and close the gap. If there wouldn't be this style they would lose almost all 1vs1. I fight a lot against scouts and they still super easy rps. Don't know why anyone would complain they are too strong 1...

Re: Scout shield 45

Scout is kind of balanced. Still weaker than a ranger and slightly weaker than a hunter. Dar from op.

If you lose against a scout it's 100% your fault for not having a range interrupt.

Love to fight scouts they are still easy rps.

Re: Personal Mounts

tndrs089 wrote:
Tue May 19, 2020 6:13 am
IMHO: Too expensive for new players. Especially since this is supposed to be per character.
The restrictions for rvr/pvp sound reasonable.

In general: Cool idea.
Should be even higher to create a big money sink.

Re: [Q2 2020] Archery

I dont understand why Archer make too much dmg but Sins own everything super hard and there is no issue. When my Sin was rr4 I killed high rr full tanks. they way too strong.
Keep dmg high and nerf ranger. They do way too much in melee.

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