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Re: Respec System

Wiki-Eintrag aktualisiert: Respecs – Unlimited free realm, single and full respecs for the first 24 hours /played on any given level – no level or realm rank restrictions apply, just the /played time on the current character level – Example 1 : You are level 24, typing in /played and see, that you a...

Banned Razyel

Banned 3-days for griefplay

Took loot from raid without announcing it beforehand of the raid as part of the loot rules.

Re: Solution Thread: Launcher, Login and Startup Issues

Login Error: Something interesting happened.... Error 500 When: Phoenix launcher login This error indicates an issue with a corrupted Phoenix file or insufficient permissions accessing/editing it. Solution 1 1. Right click the Phoenix symbol (phoenix.exe) 2. Select "run as administrator" Solution 2...

Re: Solution Thread: Launcher, Login and Startup Issues

Error: Your account does not have access to this game. When: Startup of the game client during initial loading screen This error indicates that your game account got suspended . You - or someone with access to your account and/or computer (depending on the violation) - did violate at least one rule...

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