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Re: OF switch

Since the population is at an all time low maybe it’s time to switch back to OF. With the implementation of GvG the 8 mans can see each other and avoid the Zerg who will more than likely camp mike gates. This change might also bring some of the population back as a lot of people left because of NF....

Re: RIP OF was fun.

Can someone explain to me why this change was made? I haven't been playing recently and am therefore out of the loop. I hope I got that right (please correct me if not): - Working on NF was initially planned for the next 1-2 years (if at all). - Spontaneous change of live client updates caused a lo...

Re: hibs at berk just now.

Hibs get rolled by a couple of necros. Cries for a nerf. Admins roll out a nerf in a matter of hours (followed by more nerfs, how quaint).

Albs get rolled by exploiting animists. Ruled as fine.

Please keep telling me how there is no bias here.


Re: friar vs 4 sb

The amnesia thing is bullshit. Being able to control every single engagement is just so powerfull. It was the sole reason my guild went Hibernia for a while (that and Blademasters). I don't understand how it flies, but then again, unified RA's fucked albs over the most in regards to setup. It is wh...

Re: friar vs 4 sb

Fair enough, I'm sorry if I took your post the wrong way. I tend not to re-iterate points someone has agreed with, if I agree with your post I generally won't respond, I tend to fight points I disagree with instead. I just see a problem and think it needs changing, 4 people attacking 1 guy and bein...

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