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No Email

Got a new PC and am trying to authenticate. Not getting an email either in inbox OR spam folder.
Haven't played in a long while. Would like o try again.
Please help!!!

Re: Next Instance

Si, instead of putting class restriction in place that only allows 1 or 2 of any certain class, you COMPLETELY make them UTTERLY USELESS in instances?
Talk about pounding a thumbtack with a sledgehammer...
Just, WOW!

Re: Race respec - change needed

Its bad and not daoc. Wont waste many lines on it since who doesnt understand simple wont ever agree with me. The one most of us came for I'd imagine. 1.65. There are 20 years of different versions of DAoC. Which DAoC are you talking about? As far as I know, there's still a strict 1.65 version of D...

Re: Keep Changes

If the 44% thing is true then maybe more keep guards for underpopulated realms would be cool or something like that hrmm. Just thinking out loud. Dont think that's the answer since they're toned done to mob level difficulty. Essentially it will just give the dominating realm even more RPs with guar...

Re: Call to buff Archers!

Weird how I keep shot for 400-500 from both scouts and rangers. How much damage do you archers think you should have? You already shoot harder than my BD nukes for, and he doesn't have the benefit from shooting from stealth for an alpha strike. I actually LOLd at this.. It most likely was a critsho...

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