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Re: Bring back TOA without the Artiifacts/MLs

I've said this before, the server could benefit from some more bg pve encounters. The server "forces" player to do Galla etc. already, so the best thing would be to add raids as an alternative to SI dungeons. Players wouldn't have to do more stuff, but could do different stuff. Because tbh, aren't we all sick of SI dungeons at some point ....

Re: Charge Item / Toy Evaluation

Thank you DEVs for taking the time to add new items for us! I personally don't mind the Artis from TOA, the MLs however no way!

I feel that if adding some Artis in the mix it would be better to open the encounters for several reasons. 1. to give more content 2. more farming opportunities 3. get credit for the encounters and instead of receiving the Artifact perhaps get that effect which could be added to your ROGS. Egg of Youth added to your Gem, Cloudsong added to your cloak etc..

Who wants to spend 100 gold for 10 uses? nah not me. The problem with adding these items is that, now EVERYONE needs them to be competitive in RVR.

My two cents.

Re: Charge Item / Toy Evaluation

mattymc wrote:
Wed 14 Apr 2021 5:58 PM
Hopefully, we get back to balancing and making RvR fun --- all forms of play are better when RvR is healthy and fun -- something live NEVER got.

This is very much the core of the game. While it is fashionable to deride "the zerg", the basis of this game was RvR. Realm vs Realm. This part of the game has a low skill ceiling, and it demands little in terms of time invested. It is essentially open to all. This is evidenced in what you can hear in all realms when a BG is announced: "So and so has the RvR BG, all are welcome".

I know that the BGs are looked down upon by those who have all the time in the world to play this game, but it is the lifeblood of the server. This core part of the game is what should command attention. I am concerned by the direction I feel the server has taken as of late. The key success of Phoenix has been a nod to the classic server, while adding QoL changes.

I hope the devs will hold fast to this vision, as it has delivered a free shard that is the most successful in the history of this game.

Re: Charge Item / Toy Evaluation

This is what happens when there is a loss of focus --- is this an RvR game or not -- most recent actions make me wonder.
Throw tons of crap at the player base and they will stay focused on other things while the core game, much like it ahs on live, crumbles. While I appreciate the responsiveness of the team, it seems they have made tons of changes to effect 8 v 8 without any MOE's, they have thrown tons of PvE enhancements, and now random dumping of OP stuff that they are adjusting based on ---- what? <Granted, it is obviously OP silliness in need of deletion , adds to the WTH are we doing too the game feeling>.

Hopefully, we get back to balancing and making RvR fun --- all forms of play are better when RvR is healthy and fun -- something live NEVER got.

Re: Charge Item / Toy Evaluation

nicolas wrote:
Wed 14 Apr 2021 1:07 PM
Why crying on something that everyone got access by clicking BUY on a NPC vendor, it is absolutely stupid.
So you think ANYTHING is good for a game, no matter how far out or OP if just everyone has easy acces to it?
Because thats what you are saying with that argument.
Your actual reasoning might be different, but that argument is really short sighted and not thought through at all.

Re: Charge Item / Toy Evaluation

Uthred wrote:
Wed 14 Apr 2021 11:27 AM
Update on the new toys:

- the category 1 / self buff toys have been removed
- the offensive category 2 / active toys have been removed
-- removed: pet spawn item
-- removed: pbae silence & disarm item
- purge can now be used while silenced

these items will stay in (for further testing):

- self mana / endu / health hot 10% every 5 sec for 30 sec
- 5s 100% damage taken reduction followed by 5s +100% damage taken
- support only: pbae rezz
- support only: pbae 1k range 33% heal
- caster + support only: group 25% mana return
- self 50% mana return

While i approve of removing a ton of the really crazy this point i am wondering even more about the "why"
Before i was against the stuff, but i could at least imagine that there are people who will love the crazy and new stuff. I just disagreed with those people.
Now (at least in smallscale fights) everyone gets a 60%-Hot probably every fight. What that will do to balance remains to be seen.

I know this must sound like a "whatever we do, they are still upset" scenario...but that's really not my intention.
But i am really much more confused about the vision of this change now, than before (but i think this version will still be far better than the initial just makes less sense to me)

Re: Caster Solo play - New Potions

Sadly for those who have solo caster dreams this is largely as intended.

Hopefully the 60% heal goes away, and you only have to deal with the other methods of healing.

I wouldn't expect to have great success soloing on casters that aren't BD/SM or don't have disease.

Re: Charge Item / Toy Evaluation

I wanted destroyble walls on keeps for more tactics in realm vs realm war on keeps more variety in keep takes.

Albion has 14 classes.

Hibenina 13

Midgard 12

Give midgard Valkyrie class it's only fair thing needed and to give midgard a boost.

Only thing ever needed from Toa.

Shape change gems which effect appearance maybe for fun. From. New pve zone event.

Reduce the price of horse appearances.

Look into biggist problems why rvr and realm war is getting boreing.

Realm ability Twf static tempist maelstrom spam in every tower every fight every moment of high level RVR.

Give light tanks charge that works its only fair vs instant stun instant mezz.

None these gems solve the current realm ability spam.

This classic server is amazing but given all realms same realm ability to spam in every single fight is ZZZZZZ.

Realm abilitys should be looked at again and in realm vs Realm prospective not 8 man vs 8 man.

Re: Charge Item / Toy Evaluation

For 8man giving hib tanker 4-5 more insta heals with DI/VR allready buffed doesn't make any sense on an already tank favorite server. Hib tanker will we way to strong. I felt quite balanced before alb or mid caster vs hib tanker, so why such a great shift.

Also the 50 % instant mana on theu seems op.

I am pretty disappointed of the council tbh. I expected more understanding of the current 8v8 balance.

Honestly just remove the whole thing .. nobody wants it.

Re: RR5 solo thane.....

Alasthor wrote:
Wed 14 Apr 2021 3:50 PM
Excuse me, but DETERMINATION not use? for me is essential

This thread is about solo play. Determination is an 8v8/zerg RA.

On this server the question for a solo visible is as follows: Does this choice help me to not lose as quickly to assassins?

In the case of determination the answer is no. The only consistent matchup it would help a solo thane in is vs minstrels, whereas purge helps in every matchup they will encounter.