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Re: 2021-08-06 Friday

If ever there was a time to relaunch, now is it. Stick with 1.65/OF as we see how quickly NF chokes the game.

Counter Atlas' present failure and unwillingness to communicate with their player base, the clear fact they don't have the programming or even community skills Phoenix had. Pre-empt the fall release of Eden.

Build it, and we will come.
Just an old DAoC (2001) veteran playing here and there to relive a few old memories.

Vauz - Necro and a ton of others.

Re: ATTENTION: Account Sharing no longer allowed

mecom8989 wrote:
Sun 26 Jun 2022 5:39 AM
I originally played a game with a username called mecom99, but when I tried to access it again, I got a massage saying, "No proxy found, please try again later," and it didn't work

So I applied for a new username (mecom8989). I really want to play games. What should I do?

Please solve it

thank you

The server is currently closed.
You are welcome to join our discord for further information and any future news of a relaunch of the server.

Re: New player

The server is currently closed and has been since the end of August 2021. It has yet to be decided if the server will reopen. The last news was that a final decision should be made within the next few months. You are welcome to join our discord and await the latest developments.

New player

I made my account and when i try to play it says the id or password is incorrect. Not sure whats going on. I was able to log in to the site no issues.