Re: Phoenix Swing Speed Spreadsheet Calculator

Also confused about haste. Haste, Celerity, and MoA are they additive for a total haste value or does one apply first and the others apply the effective swing speed after.

example:: Mid Melee have 4 sec swing with 0 haste. Healer haste @15%, Celerity @31%, MoArms 5 @ 9% is a total of 55% = 1.8?


Same scenario except MoA applies first dropping swing speed to 3.64 then Haste and Celerity at 46% which = 1.97
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Re: Phoenix Swing Speed Spreadsheet Calculator

We definitely need a Dev answer on this because much of the programming and formulas have been changed here.
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Re: Phoenix Swing Speed Spreadsheet Calculator

As I'm still getting requests to edit this google doc, people seem to still use it

So quick reply on the thread since I haven't been playing for quite some time.

The formula is this

swing speed = [WEAPON BASE SPEED] * 100
*= (1 - (MIN(250 ; [QUICKNESS]) - 50) / 500)
*= (1 - ([HASTE] + [CELERITY]) / 100)
*= (1 - [TOA] / 100)
/= 100
(after each line the values are round down)

taken from

For Dual Wield

Back when I made this MoA counts as ToA bonus in the formula I tested it to make sure (might have changed now as I'm not up to date with the server anymore)

The % speed increase is the % speed increase you get for each RA point.

The blue shows you the range of your total RA points
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