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I understand the realm timer was voted on, but these people flip flopping to multiple realms in a single day are using it to their advantage. No one should be able to rvr representing 2 realms in the same day let alone the same week. For example (hypothetically speaking) i play hib on regular basis. Mids are attacking us relentlessly and we cant stop them. I wait 4hrs i go play albion and use the community to help hibs def against mids because the hibs cant do it on their own. Another example you flip realms and you run with the bg. Its too easy and convenient that someone can literally slow down progress of any actions taken by any realm by placing a ram where you know its not usable what so ever and slows down the progress of the realm on sieges/retakes. On defense with 4 hour timer someone can go to a keep or multiple people and take control of oil/siege equipment with the intent of making sure no one can use on defense. I believe the 4hr timer has good intentions but its being abused at this point I feel. Also just the people who will log on a certain realm just to join a bg and relay information to the realm they consider themselves "(LOYAL)" too. Not complaining, just pointing out how its being abused.

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Well your entitled to your opinion. I'm not quite sure what your agreeing with me on so ill assume it was sarcastic and your just trolling forums. So i'll ask you why should be shorter than longer? Any particular reason?

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Because we live in a world with lots of options for spending our time and not just daoc, if you can’t play the char/realm you want you are likely to log out, not to play a char/realm you don’t want. Ergo shorter realm timer = more options for gameplay = better.
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That's how soccer teams work as well, play for Team A first half, Team B the second. Oh, wait.

On a more serious note, I do understand that people with little time want to be free on where to spend their time. I also get people who just like to play their full collection of characters. But also not everybody likes to play all realms.
A big portion of the game is driven by the realm war, which is plainly dying with no loyalty. Why go defend/retake anything if you're playing on every side anyways? For the people freely changing it's great, for the loyals it sucks. For people not engaging in the realm war it doesn't matter so much.
I feel that a loyalty bonus would be nice, one that either rewards you a little over time for sticking to one side (of course with a cap), or a slight penalty when you have recently switched.

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on this server it is done wrongly anyway, its all about raiding every keep/tower and not fight each other. back on EU live servers keeps were only taken to create a short cut to action and not to cut off fluent enemy spawn..... it was famous to create the "rp autobahn" between bled+nott, beno+berk, DC+DC, there the zergs constanly ran into each other fighting open field.

personally I log the realm which has the front line keep beno/bled/DC so I have the shortest way available to action.
I refuse to waste my time for traveling just because one realm wants the other to suffer.

and yeah for loyalists it sucks, but I dont feel any mercy for them, loyalists always suffer on the long run -> patriots are idiots
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