Caster Solo play - New Potions

Hello, I thought I would bring some attention to this experience as i don't see many solo casters roaming to share a thought.

I'm having huge difficulty which is to be expected out there solo and even in the right situation where i find a fight its usually with a tanky class.

2500 HP
180 Heal Charge
200 (legion charge) not 100% sure on this amount too
60% Hp regen (over 30sec - 5s tic)
Ignore Pain (In a few cases)

Im not sure on exact amounts but i recon thats atleast 10-14 nukes to kill a tank.

Does this rough estimate seem to be working as intended / normal?

Re: Caster Solo play - New Potions

Sadly for those who have solo caster dreams this is largely as intended.

Hopefully the 60% heal goes away, and you only have to deal with the other methods of healing.

I wouldn't expect to have great success soloing on casters that aren't BD/SM or don't have disease.

Re: Caster Solo play - New Potions

Assasins are all over but if thats what people want to play then unlucky for the casters

Problem is actually finishing off a Tanky Classes HP.. Its really looong time and you can't fuck up at all / get any resists lol

Re: Caster Solo play - New Potions

Solo caster is a difficult game here. I told myself to chill on trying to make my sorc viable 1v1 without a billion RA points to spend and went over to the minstrel dark side. Much happier. It is what it is, as they say.

Re: Caster Solo play - New Potions

sleeve wrote:
Wed 14 Apr 2021 5:43 PM
Tried SM (useless vs 1.5 swing speed)
BD Could work.

Main Options:
Dock / Bridge Camping Tank Class

Shits boring.

Thanks for the reply mate

Swing speed only makes SM useless for soloing if your strategy is to rely 100% on your pet intercepting.

A lot of caster classes are soloable, but it takes a lot of alertness and a certain kind of patience.

For what it's worth, the most effective casters against those tanky every-self-heal-up enemies are the ones with access to snare nukes.
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