Re: Auto hot key and Qbinds

Dioc wrote:
Wed 13 Jan 2021 6:05 PM
How would I write one for PA, where I could spam the PA key and it would constantly scan for the nearest target?

Bad idea your weapons will be drawn all the time and you will hit before the PA imput is sent.

wrote: Does the PA button press send at the exact same time as the side stun button press? If I tried to do this manually by hitting both buttons, either one or the other would go first, so it wouldn't work unless I press the correct one first.

No it doesn't, you need to be at a certain distance for this to work. If you are too close, only the PA will register, and the side stun will register after the hit, that's why, it's not a magical solution.

Re: Auto hot key and Qbinds

The most you really want to be doing on ahk is parts of the same chain, for example Garrote and Achilles, even that’s not great as you sometimes want to garotte spam to keep someone in combat. Anything else gives you less flexibility.

You cant legally do an auto target+pa because you’d need a loop, and that’s a ban, and you wouldnt want to either since in most scenarios youre not really perfectly facing your opponent for PA on most stealth incs, so you basically need to just work on reactions and hitting nearest target, turning to position and quickly PAing.

Dunno about you but if i mash nearest target too much my computer lags as well, could just be me though, but also no bueno.


Button you want to press::
Send, {button you /qbinded 2nd part of chain to} {button you /qbinded 1st part of chain to}

Send, {b}{c}

Anything more and you lack flexibility in a fight and it’ll hurt you more than anything.
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