Re: Where everybody at?

Hector wrote:
Fri 8 Nov 2019 2:50 AM
NA usually has 3-6 groups running 8v8 depending on the night. This is extremely extremely hit-or-miss.

Mid usually is Can't Fix Stupid on Tues + Thurs, occasionally Ardri or Paniza will make a pug
Hib is almost always Nickduffy/Ferboten pug, Drah's group also plays a few times a week
Alb is usually Flame Game and recently I've seen Jcrits back out.

Other than these groups, NA time is zerg v zerg

Disciples of Merlin is out NA prime, but maybe 1-2 nights a week. Just can't get people motivated to login with less than 8, and a few people in the group have hectic lives.

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