Re: Volley use?

gotwqqd wrote:
Mon 21 Oct 2019 3:47 PM
Can anyone give a brief breakdown of how this ability is used?
Also what are the min/max gt distances?

I believe max range is 2100 units but you do a get a height bonus.
The min range is at least 66% of your current max range (I think height affects this too).

Volley can fire 5 arrows about 1.5 sec apart at a ground target you set. It is on a 15 sec reuse timer. It eats up endurance if you don't have a pot up. The dmg is the standard arrow shot damage. Some say it bypasses bubble. I don't know that to be true because I have seen the message that a shot was absorbed by a bubble often. Maybe there is just a small chance? Can be blocked with shield or evaded at the same rate as a normal arrow shot.
350 radius for potential hits around the ground target. Chance to miss or hit any target in the groundtarget radius. Can't hit targets under a roof. I also don't believe you can hit targets if you are firing from under a roof.

So how it is used...set a ground target on a spot within the viable range where enemies are not under a roof. Place yourself where you have open sky. Hit volley ability, hit your arrow fire key or icon until all 5 arrows are fired. Watch your dmg logs to make sure you are hitting something. Rinse and Repeat.
You can also use /groundassist to auto set someone else's ground target.