Mythical Gladiators Recruitment

Hello all! Mythical Gladiators is looking for new members and guilds to join our Alliance! We have the biggest guild on hib and we try to do everything we can to not just support the guild but the realm as well. We run RvR and PvE. We run events all the time. We do PvE raids, PLVL events, RvR Raids, small mans, 8 mans, stealth name it we do it! We also like to open all of our big events like Galla and Dragon raids for the public to join. We are an easy going guild, nice, friendly, and respectful. We multiple LGM crafters and Artisans to help build templates. We do not have specific Language, level, or expertise level, WE WELCOME EVERYONE. We always have guild buff running as well. We rotate between RvR and XP bonus to make it fair for everyone. Because we have so many people doing a little bit everything. We have multiple officers to help with keeping order in the guild. If you think we would be a good fit for you please message any member to join! Thats right all members are also able to invite new players. So if you join and your friends or family want in please feel free to invite them. We also offer Discord, Vent, web site, and forum for the guild. That way no matte what your preference is to staying up to date with guild events and information we have it!

For guilds looking into joining the Alliance please PM me (Wicenani) for more details. If you do not see me on Wicenani all of my toons are named Wic something so just look for that tag line!

Wicenani GM of Mythical Gladiators