Returning Daoc players looking for RvR guild

me and my 3 friends started playing here recently, we played on couple of freeshards (Uthgard, Ariadolis...) and Camlann PvP server. We are looking for a guild that focuses on RvR, mainly 8 man roaming.

Right now we have mostly finished our templates, we have healer, shaman, skald and zerker plus some twinks for farming. I am willing to roll anything if you help me with leveling, right now I play pac healer.

Here are some of my videos, I'd like to think I improved since then:

Re: Returning Daoc players looking for RvR guild

Come over to Hib and we'll help you level / template, we've got three to four spots pretty much open all the time right now as we try to fill the ranks.
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