Re: How does the Enchanter NPC work?

You can enchant your items only when they have 0% bonus.
The enchant % depends on the item level (Something like this):
1-10 5%
10-20 10%
20-30 15%
30-35 20%
35-40 25%
40-45 30%
45-50 35%

You can enchant items and then spellcraft them.
You can enchant items and then put a proc on it.
You can enchant items and then put a reskin on it.
Enchanting an item does not block any other action on this item.

Here some information on to-hit chance and the implications of enchanting on them:
wrote: To-Hit Mechanics
Note: Credit goes to Ghoda and Morgash. Posted on Windwalker's wiki page.

In the last few days I've spend many hours and plat to find out how the to-hit bonus is calculated. I just state the results here. I may post specific logs later, depending on disbelief. This post considers only the PvP ruleset and does not apply for PvE. I may make a PvE post later.

This is what affects to-hit rates:

All rates are flat. This means that the values that affect it, are simply added and subtracted. No multiplications are done. A to-hit chance of 100% or higher means you will never miss.
A weapon with a 35% enchantement bonus versus an armour piece with 35% enchantment bonus has an 82% (+/-1%) chance to-hit.
Champion/artifact weapons versus an armour piece with 35% enchantment bonus have a 89% (+/-1%) chance to-hit.
Difference in enchantment bonus is added/subtracted to the to-hit bonus. Thus a 25% weapon has a 82-10=72% chance to-hit a 35% enchanted armour piece.
Level difference does not affect to-hit rate, but the enchantement bonus is capped for purple con weapons. Thus, a lower level player does not get full benefit of a 35% enchantment bonus. This also means that the minimal chance to-hit is 82-35=47%. Even level 1 players will be able to hit a level 50 player at that rate.

Style bonus is added to your to-hit chance according to the following table (defensive penalties are added to your opponents to-hit chance) :
very high bonus: 20%
high bonus : 15%
medium bonus : 10%
low bonus : 5%

(Amethyst slash has a very high to-hit bonus, despite what the Camelot Herald says. I suspect there may be more errors on those tables)

What does this all mean for regular RvR?
Styles with a very high to-hit bonus are superior. These will never miss in RvR. (base 82% chance to-hit + 20% to-hit bonus=102% chance to-hit) If you plan on running with playercrafted, monster loot or legendary weapons, you want to be able to spam a very high bonus to-hit style (amethyst slash), or you will lose damage because of misses. The style does not need to be executed successfully in order for the to-hit bonus to kick in. For artifact/champion weapons, a medium style will suffice (99% chance to-hit).

Styles with high defensive penalty allow your opponent to almost allways hit on the next round! So spamming Sting (I have been a thrust minstrel since release) will give your opponent a possible 18% better damage output! A medium defensive penalty suffices for a garanteed hit of your opponent's next swing if he wields a champion/artifact weapon. On the other hand, if he is wielding a champion weapon and allready used a style with medium to-hit bonus, the to-hit chance would have been 99% anyway.

I hope these results will help some of you choose which styles to use.

level 50 minstrel,
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