Gambling - FAQ

if you want to spend some money and try your luck, port to your relic village and talk to Bruno <Gambling>. Right click him and he will show you all possible options.

You can buy Lucky Coins from Bruno for 5g each. To purchase those you just need to hand him the amount of money you want to have converted to Lucky Coins.
You can also use your Task Completion Tokens to get Lucky Coins. Just hand them to Bruno. One Task Completion Token will be converted to one Lucky Coin. Please keep in mind, that you wont get any xp, etc if you hand your Task Completion Token to Bruno.
If you want to stop gambling, you can hand your remaining Lucky Coins to Bruno and he will give you 4g back per Lucky Coin.

Type /gambling to see all possible games. You need to target Bruno to start a game.

Use /gambling differenceroll and it will explain you the rules of this game. To start use /gambling differenceroll <bet of coin>.
/gambling differenceroll 100 to bet 100 coins: The game will do a /random <bet of coin>, (in this case 100) for you and the npc. You win/lose the difference. E.g. if you roll a 90 and the npc a 72 you gain 18 coins.

To start use /gambling itemroll which will cost you 1 Lucky Coin per try. The game will do a random 1000 for you and depending on your roll you will win or lose.

Exergender Stone
If you hand this stone to your trainer or a master trainer, it will instantly switch your gender. You will also get the option the change the appearance of your face. You dont have to type anything, just hand the stone in. The Exergender Stone is tradeable.

11 different vanity pets
Those vanity pets have unlimited charges, cant be clicked or targeted and can be sold to other players but not a npc merchant. You can summon them in any zone. They follow you around and are only for cosmetic purposes. If you want to despawn a vanity pet, you either need to port to a different zone (loading screen) or you use the command /banishpet.

Draught of Combined Forces & Regeneration
100 charges of that juicy Potions.

Superior Elixir of Instant Endurance, Healing & Power
100 charges for you!

Consolation prizes
There are 9 different prizes to win. All of them are equickable for any class. They are also tradeable and they can be sold to a NPC merchant.
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