Re: Is the server ending and shutting down Aug. 31 permanently or just temp?

Most of NA time slot already moved to Brotherland 2, it’s a daoc freeshard that allows bots, has Master levels champ levels and artifacts. It’s played on NF maps. Not my cup of tea per say but I go where the majority goes. Being that atlas , era, and Celestius will all be competing for their share of players the player base will be extremely split. Too many people trying to do their own thing. Everything I’ve seen from era and atlas is not desirable which is why I’m not there. We already have a server upgraded once since joining and the devs appear to be very helpful. Just depends on what your looking for out of daoc now. If you want something already developed and working come to Brotherland. If you wanna wait a couple more months go play the alpha and beta for atlas and era.