Yet another Class picking toping

Hi all,
just wondering which class is severely lacking for 8v8 or just in general.
I don't have a lot of experience, I used to duo stealth with my buddy. I'm still trying to convince him to start a class to experience 8v8, but who knows if he will join.

Here's my preferred options;

Dwarf warrior
Troll skald
Dwarf Thane
Kobold savage

Thanks for the tips in advance
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Re: Yet another Class picking toping

The lfg and region chat should help you to see whats the most needed by 8v8 puggers.
The obvious answer is play what you like, but the main goal is to let yourself known in the pugging comunity. Wathever you will choose, at the beginning you will need to know people and show them that you are a relyable "asset". This dosent mean to be the best player on the server.

Most puggers at this state of the server has different characters to switch and adapt to necessity. Giving a fast peek to lfg channel from the 8v8 discord, the most needed classes are skald, shamans and aug healers
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