Returning player

Hi guys, i come back from this spring, there are alit of change and i have read many of that.
I will try to exp a sgadowblade(i have a war and bd temp) what is the best way now?

Re: Returning player

Stealth game is kinda dead to be honest if you want to find sin fights its alot slower. But as SB your shafted. Either you go CS route and have harsh time against other sins(CS dmg is not great either. Don't expect to assassinate and get out) OR you go 50LA. Even LA, you'll probably need at least RR5 for it. SB is a painful road to be honest.

Re: Returning player

I am just wondering Newbees and Newcomers always trying to roll an stealther.

Do you imagine what does it mean to be a stealther? You waiting hours for any kind of actions, then you find anything to kill and get perhaps an add. OK, you vanish and what now? You will wait and search for actions another hour.
Or you just place you toon somewhere in NF close to level spots and have a fun killing greys and greens soloes.

On this server rules the zerg. And this game is an MMO, a social game, just roll a group class and have a fun together with you group, your guild mates, with your zerg .