WTS reskinned MP lifetap proc rog cloth helm & scythe


Seeing as how I have no use for these any longer, I thought it'd be a shame to just have them lying around. Alternatively sell them for cheap on housing and let it be the buyer's surprise that they're skinned. So, I'll try selling here before doing so

Scythe 3.5spd, white effect and dragonsworn scythe reskin

16 Hits
5% Crush
5% Heat
6% Slash
2 Parry
2 All magic
1 All melee
Lifetap 95 value 60% return body dmg

Cloth helm with Dragon reskin (right-most helm of picture below)

1 Strength
60 Hits
6% Matter
5% Slash
7 Acuity
1 All magic
Lifetap 95 value 60% return body dmg

Bid away here, via pm or ingame - Typically on Booyaka, Walk or Per