Re: Any spec for solo bard rvr?

Afaik Aztec solos/duos on his bard and he is quite a monster...
there is a video from him floating around somewhere...i only got it sent to me so i don't know if it's here or youtube or whatever

afaik he runs with yellow speed (for solo) but that could be wrong, only hearsay information

Re: Any spec for solo bard rvr?

gotwqqd wrote:
Sat 14 Nov 2020 6:00 PM
Is it possible ?
Is 33 nurture doable or need last speed?

If no to solo is there a duo spec where you are more involved in the dps?

Bard solo is a meme. Go for it only if you are masochist.
Dps you say? Your main source of dps it will be DD, sooo.
You can outkite some fool, but it will take a lot of time to do the kill. You will need add free areas.
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Re: Any spec for solo bard rvr?

gotwqqd wrote:
Fri 20 Nov 2020 9:27 PM
Any way something like this works?

Everything "works" somehow.

Regarding solo RvR:
Is it efficient? No.
Does it do damage? No.
Does the skill match your class role? NO, high blade skill is nonsense.
Will you kill someone in 1v1? Probably yes, but only if you find an add-free area and the right class which you can outkite with your dds.
In most cases you will either run away or die.

In duel situation against anything with melee capabilities (slam, snare or just damage) you won't go into melee range.
With speed 4, every minstrel and probably even skald will hunt and kill you in the long run.

There are several small men specs but they never really involve or require a high blade skill.
You usually take a full/offtank or offensive caster in your duo and make sure that you and your partner survive.
Going into melee range is a risk no bard wants to take. Why tho if you are a designated support class made to stay on distance. O.o

Ofc there are some high RR players who make even uncommon settings work, e.g. hybrid Paladin or in this case bard, but most players won't manage to do that or have fun.