Thidranki guide for new players

Here's a handy guide for someone that wants to roll a Thidranki toon.

Why Thid?

    Max rank is 2L9, balanced fights
    Easy to roll multiple classes
    Fights are a lil less predictable than at lvl 50
    Good to learn the basics of a new class

Right now Alb is usually the most populated realm, followed by Midgard. Hib is usually the undercat = plenty of opportunities to find more fights.

Here are some suggestions that will make your life easier.

Classes and specs
Bards and Druid are always in demand, but play whatever you want. The fun of thid is that you can try different specs for the same toon. You have free respecs for the first 24hrs of /played time at lvl 24 (for each level actually). If you are clueless you can do some testing at lvl 23.9 then turn all those spare eggs into omelette and jump to lvl 24 when the spec and template are ready.
Phoenix charplan:

If you want to create multiple chars or have a friend to help powerleveling you can use a lvl 34 Mentalist and go to the Cluricaun Aquavitor spot in front of the Hib Green Knight (relic town docks). lvl 0 to lvl 24 usually takes from 20 to 40 mins depending on your instance bonus and mob type bonus.

Gear, ideal setup:
All gear must come from lvl 30ish mobs! It will con red to you at lvl 24. This is vital.
qual 99+
Solo/stealths armour: full lifetap
Group char armour: full heal, not to break roots
Weapons: lifetap
DD charge: on gloves/boots or on a crafted item as usual. Only lvl 25 DD charges can be used.

Qual 98+ with any proc will of course work well too, but make sure it's the right Lvl (red to you, from Lvl 30ish mobs).

A market explorer search with Lvl range between 28 and 32 will give you the name of the weapons and armor type you need.

Farming your items
You can farm with an animist if you want but make sure you have in group at least one char of the class you are farming for, or you will end up dropping lots of cloth items only.
If you have a lvl 50 char you can farm with, have a look at the market. Consider how long it will take to farm for the Thid item you need and how much cash you can farm with a lvl 50 char in DS/HoH/Finliaths etc. 2hrs farming is 2hrs farming, the only currency in DaOC is time.

Alternatively, if you are farming for a nightshade for example, you are better off XPing another NS to lvl 34 (grey to enemies in frontier, lvl 30 mobs green/blue to you) and chain kill lvl30 mobs to drop leather. You will get less drops overall but more leather/weapons of the type you need.

Squabblers front of 2nd gate relic town are a good spot to farm, they also give XP items. Fairies in front of squabbles give no xp items but are all green and weaker than squabbles for a lvl 34 toon.

If you can find decent utility armor pieces and decent lvl 30 to 45 jewels then you are in a good spot. Buying cheap lvl 50/51 jewels is ok if you have spare cash but will require constant and expensive repair at the smith.
A good alternative is to craft a qual 99/100 hand or boot lvl 30ish (red to you) and do some spellcrafting on them (+ you have the dd charge).

Draught of lesser combined forces
Elixir of speed gives you 11% haste vs 10% from the barrel
Elixir of Shard skin
Elixir of invigoration/mending/replenishment - regen
Elixir of endurance/heal/power

Thidranki discord:

Have fun out there lil rascals!
Killaloth - BM very sexy
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Killaloath - Thidranki ranger #1 hib solo kills!1!!11!

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