Tell me your favorite Bardspeccs for smallman, please

Title basically says it all. What are your preferred speccs for bards. Mainfocus is smallmanning, 8manning. I might join zerg from Time to Time, but i doubt specc matters there much

What i came up with so far:

43 nurture (speed5 must have)
43 music (last casted AoE-mezz, secondlast instant AoE-mezz)
10blades (sidesnare)
23regrowth (leftover)

What i dislike about the specc is the low healing. Though i cant really gauge it, but i assume i would still only be being baseline heals. Forgoing the 10blunt would just increase healing to 25...Not really much

Another specc is
43 nurture (speed5)
37 music (secondlast casted and instant AoE-mezz)
10blades (snare)
31regrowth (much higher scaling, maybe even worth using speccheals)

I dislike losing the castmezz but the additional healing is nice. Losing the 10blades also gives 2levels more in healing)

So, what do you bardplayers like, am i missing something important?


Re: Tell me your favorite Bardspeccs for smallman, please

I stick to 37 music with mof3 and low heals to the advantage of blades for more weapon skill.
Red aoe mezz dosent give much advantage and you will burn more mana for a spell that you use primarly for rupting, since single mezz is faster.

A bit of +healing for a bard might work a bit better if you smallmen often without a warden or druid, but keep in mind that you better rupt or snare the source of enemy damage than giving shit heals to your friends; you might outdps with your heals a single caster that you also rupt with amnesia, anything more will keep dropping your friend's HP.

I'd go with your second spec you posted, togerher with mof 2/3. It is pretty balanced but if you find yourself missing or parrying or dodging your sidesnare too often, try with dropping heals in favour of +sword. There are hig RR mid tanks out there with hig moparry wich will /rofl your lvl10 blades.
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Re: Tell me your favorite Bardspeccs for smallman, please

I really liked 33 major heal on every class in every realm.
My bard also was 43nurt/33reg/37music, but recently dropped reg a bit for side snare.
Now mine is 43nurt/27reg/37music/19blades.
Actually I just wanted to stop at 10 blades, but there wasn't any good skill to invest more on.
31reg only helps when you use base heals.

So I just put 19 blades
I think effectiveness of defense penetration from high WS is very limited, thou.
At least from 10 vs 19 difference.

Re: Tell me your favorite Bardspeccs for smallman, please

20 R / 43 N / 44 M / 12 Blades
+ MoF 3

Using only spec heals (single 20, group 17, next are unlocked at 26 and 27 so not achievable with 43 music or more even with 0 blades) that sounds the best compromise for me. 44M gets the body resist and last DD, and 12 blades is still better than 10 and even get an extra style (that i never used :p)

DD and side snare, i use in (almost) all fights, so they deserved those extra points.

Other option i'd consider would be 33 R / 43 N / 37 M / 5 Blunt +MoF 4 or 5, and some mastery / wild healing to benefit from increased heal spec, so more for a higher rank, not before RR7, to get 33+17 for base heals too, and i don't think there is really any other options available.
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