Help with craftqueue

I tried playing around with different craftqueue commands and I ran into some issues that I was hoping this stellar community could help me with. I’m going off of memory but here is my experience.
Main profession: tailor
Skill level: 1
Edited post after I got /craftqueue to work.

From what I can tell, you need to:
manually buy the materials
manually make the desired item once
target a merchant and use “/craftqueue buy upto 10” to buy the ingredients to make 10 of that item
Use “/craftqueue 10” and then manually kick off crafting the desired item
Craftqueue then takes over and will keep going until it succeeded 10 times or runs out of materials

Also note, my tailoring is level 26, armorcraft 8, weaponcraft 8 but all second nearly skills are still stuck at 1.

Re: Help with craftqueue

You only have to click the recipe once for /craftqueue buy to be usable / buy the correct stuff, it doesn't matter if the recipe starts or you get an error message (needs forge, not enough materials etc.).

Re: Help with craftqueue

Ardri wrote:
Fri 13 Jul 2018 4:07 PM
I couldn't get the buy craft command to work. Can anyone walk me through it step by step?

/macro buy /craftqueue buy 10 or what ever number of makes you want materials for

Re: Help with craftqueue

Please report the vendors where it doesn't work as well as the recipe.

Just in case someone cares about the technical reason:
For whatever reason someone thought it would be a great idea if every crafting material would exist 6 times, 2x restricted to one realm, once with 100% sell value and once with 50%. The crafting recipe is fine with any of them as long as it has the same name and most vendors sold the old stuff. We decided on cleaning up, that means adding one more of every crafting material this time set to all realms and only selling that one and only using that one. The craft queue command only works with precisely the set item. So in cases where crafting works but craft queue does not the vendor you're interacting with or the craft recipe is still set to the old materials.