Re: Salvaging Guide for new players

To get 1000 in all salvaging skills, the path described above could be further optimized, at least if you play Midgard:

Trinketing clothworking to 400 is enough (no need to get it to 500)
Dont trinket leatherworking (not necessary to get to 1000)
Bring armorcrafting to 400
Tailoring 400 is enough (no need to get it to 500)

Just make sure to only craft swords in weaponcrafting as the recipes use leatherworking.

Re: Salvaging Guide for new players

scilly wrote:
Thu 24 Jan 2019 4:23 PM
i dont advice trinketing the cloth and leather as you have to purchase thread to trinket these items.

I just made the test this morning on some silksteel cloth square I had from salvaging stuff.

a stack of 20 silksteel cloth square appraised to the merchant to 14g58s then a benefit of 14g58s

If I want to trinket this I have to buy 10 silksteel heavy thread for 13g12s

so after trinketing I want to have AT LEAST 27g70s for these 20 stacks of cloth square.

I had 36g99s.

= worth to buy thread for trinketing cloth squares.

Made it for leather alone also :

I had 7 imbued leather square appraised at, 2g26s80c, I bought 7 adamatium metal bars for 10g58s40c and 7 seamist heavy thread for 2g72s16c
total worth of my leather + what I bought : 16g57s36c, total merchant appraise : 15g61s14c.

What if you do have leather + metal to trinket :

1 imbued leather square : 32s40
1 adamantium metal bar : 75s60
1 seamist heavy thread : 38s88c
total worth = 1g46s88c

all these into 1 trinket : 2g23s2c profit 77s86c

adamantium metal bar trinketed : 1g49s,4c + merchant price for leather square = 1g81s80c (not having to buy thread) profit 1g6s2c

So even if we have both metal & leather, trinketing leather doesn't look interesting, better trinket metal and sell leather.

Re: Salvaging Guide for new players

i've never really crafted in DAoC, but bc of these amount of drops i wanna be able to salvage all the stuff. So did i understand it right, that 500 in the respective skill is enough to salvage lvl 51 armor/weapons/etc without additional losses?

Re: Salvaging Guide for new players

To salvage anything without loss you need 1100 in the related craft, for example metalworking.

But on this server you can get all the MAIN profession at the same time on the SAME character.

Example (don't do this, follow the guide instead) :
Let's say you level Tailor 500, you'll level : clothworking, leatherworking.
Then you level Armorsmith 500, you'll level : metalworking, leatherworking, clothworking

After these 2, you will have 1000 clothworking, 1000 leatherworking, 500 metalworking..

then you start the fletcher carrier with weaponcraft etc, etc.

Follow the guide, it's great and cheapest way to proceed !

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