NS Pierce Template for Sale - 35 plat or best offer

Hello all,
NS Template for sale.

All Stats, hits and Resists are maxed.
All skills accept envenom are maxed but comes with a helmet with +envenom that gives template max envenom when applying poisons.

Comes with 5 pierce weapons:
x3 MH weapons that are 99% qual with DD proc.
x2 Left hand Easmarach's Stinger (100 qual% feather thrust weapon)

x4 SC'd PC'd 100% qual leather with ABS procs along with
Phoenix feather heal proc chest and
Blackthorn crown as the head piece (both 100% qual).

rest is all ROG to make up template accept for

Opal of quick and the dead (qui/dex spec buff charge jewel)
and Ring of primal Earth (has DD charge on it)

Please send me a whisper with a price I will reply to serious offers.
Take care and be safe