Template feedback needed


this is literally my first attempt at creating a DAoC template (for a Wizard, Earth 49/Rest Fire spec). It'd be great if I could get some feedback - this is supposed to be a VERY cheap SC (see my cheap ROGs!) and the char is only ever going to be used for running around in a BG. Nonetheless, as this is also my first time tinkering about with a programme like Loki, any feedback would be welcome, especially regarding very obvious mistakes and other terminal errors...

LOKI Build Report
Two-Handed Configuration:
Build Utility: 818.7
Useable Utility: 804.0
TOA Utility: 0.0

STR:0/75 CON:77/75 DEX:76/75
QUI:0/75 INT:76/75 PIE:0/75
CHA:0/75 EMP:0/75

Body: 26
Cold: 27
Heat: 26
Energy: 26
Matter: 23+5
Spirit: 26
Crush: 26+2
Slash: 27+3
Thrust: 26

Earth Magic: 11
Cold Magic: 4
Fire Magic: 12

Earth Magic: 50
Fire Magic: 50


Chest (Sanguine Silk Robe):
Imbue: 35.0
21 Intelligence
21 Dexterity
8% Cold
8% Heat
Utility: 60.0
TOA Utility: 0.0

Arms (Silksteel Double Stiched Quilted Sleeves):
Imbue: 33.0/28 (Quality: 99)
7% Cold
7% Energy
60 Hits
7 Power
Utility: 57.0
TOA Utility: 0.0

Head (Silksteel Superior ):
Imbue: 33.5/28 (Quality: 99)
60 Hits
10 Dexterity
5 Fire Magic
2 Earth Magic
Utility: 56.7
TOA Utility: 0.0

Legs (Silksteel Double Stiched Quilted Pants):
Imbue: 33.0/28 (Quality: 99)
3 Fire Magic
5 Earth Magic
3% Crush
7% Energy
Utility: 60.0
TOA Utility: 0.0

Hands (Silksteel Double Stiched Quilted Gloves):
Imbue: 33.0/28 (Quality: 99)
28 Constitution
7 Power
5% Body
5% Thrust
Utility: 52.7
TOA Utility: 0.0

Feet (Silksteel Double Stiched Quilted Boots):
Imbue: 33.0/28 (Quality: 99)
7 Intelligence
28 Constitution
2% Heat
11 Power
Utility: 49.3
TOA Utility: 0.0

Two-Handed (Duskwood Heavy Shod Staff):
Imbue: 33.5/28 (Quality: 99)
50 Earth Magic Focus
50 Fire Magic Focus
25 Dexterity
13% Slash
Utility: 44.7
TOA Utility: 0.0

Neck (Ancient Copper Necklace):
Imbue: 45.0
10% Body
10% Crush
10% Spirit
10% Thrust
Utility: 80.0
TOA Utility: 0.0

Cloak (Crushbender Supreme Cloak):
Imbue: 26.0
1 Dexterity
20 Hits
7% Crush
6% Heat
1% Slash
1% Spirit
13 Acuity
1 ALL magic skills
Utility: 49.3
TOA Utility: 0.0

Jewel (Icebender Exceptional Gem):
Imbue: 25.5
6% Cold
1% Crush
5% Energy
4% Matter
5% Slash
5% Spirit
Utility: 52.0
TOA Utility: 0.0

Belt (Edgebender Supreme Belt):
Imbue: 23.0
1 Dexterity
1% Body
1% Energy
5% Heat
7% Slash
6% Thrust
1 ALL magic skills
Utility: 45.7
TOA Utility: 0.0

Left Ring (Bodybender Surpreme Ring):
Imbue: 27.5
1 Dexterity
10 Constitution
7% Body
1% Energy
6% Matter
6% Spirit
1% Thrust
1 ALL magic skills
Utility: 54.3
TOA Utility: 0.0

Right Ring (Crushbender Outstanding Ring):
Imbue: 22.5
7 Dexterity
1 Power
24 Hits
5% Crush
5% Heat
1% Matter
1% Slash
4% Thrust
1 ALL magic skills
Utility: 49.7
TOA Utility: 0.0

Left Wrist (Icebender Supreme Bracer):
Imbue: 28.5
11 Constitution
40 Hits
3% Body
6% Cold
5% Energy
4% Spirit
1 Acuity
Utility: 54.0
TOA Utility: 0.0

Right Wrist (Insightful Supreme Bracer):
Imbue: 37.5
10 Dexterity
12% Matter
34 Acuity
Utility: 53.3
TOA Utility: 0.0

Re: Template feedback needed

yeah, get gloves or feet in MP. It'S not that expensive.
Personally i would also want +11ice just to free to respecc into any specc without needing retemplating.
Also i would use a ROG-Staff, because they all have 50focus for all lines. GEtting one with higher Utility than the crafted one should be really cheap too.

If you just want to have it done though...you will probably never notice any problems playing in BGs with the temp as posted.

Re: Template feedback needed

It is going to be hard for him to cap matter with just an MP piece because there is no matter SCd on to the suit so he will lose a spot if he subs in matter resist. I would suggest getting either a rog staff or a feather staff to save some of the space that the 50 focus is using and you should be able to cap everything.

But this isn't bad at all and you could just go with it if you want.

Re: Template feedback needed


fire overcapt +1, no need for that.
+5skill cost too much imbue (5+2/3), better in ur chase to do 4+3.
rog staff as told or quest staff ( nice charge).
try to use +all magic on all rogs, it will be count x3 and give more space. +11 all isnt that hard and give enough space to use 99
all cap and staff free and/or +str isnt hard

Re: Template feedback needed

Make sure you turn on the option for the +1 all magic/melee gems.

Like others have said, get 1-2 pieces of MP *or* upgrade some of your weaker rogs. 55ish util isn't expensive on the CMs, just takes time. Find a decent rog staff to get the +all focus.

Do the rogs and the armor, and you'll cap everything and maybe even get a little STR to carry an extra ram or two