/salvagebag by utility

It would be really nice to have a setting for /salvagebag that would let you salvage items under a certain utility. I don't care if it's level 51 100%, if its utility is 16, I want to salvage that sucker. Also, if it's level 50 jewelry with 96% but has 60+ utility, I definitely don't want to salvage that by mistake.

Re: /salvagebag by utility

There are several switches for the salvagebag command. u is for utility, q is for quality. The force switch will salvage anything without asking for confirmation.

So to salvage bag 1 with anything 60 utility or higher and 99 quality or greater without confirmation the command would be...

/salvagebag 1 u60 q99 force

Watch out with force, it will salvage EVERYTHING and you can't get it back.
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