Re: Reaver spec lines

imweasel wrote:
Thu 15 Oct 2020 7:37 AM
Saroi wrote:
Wed 14 Oct 2020 5:31 PM
Well the question is, what are your other options? I mean you could go lower shield, like 35 for the side style but then SR only gets to 47 which isn't really helpful too, and lower shield isn't good because you will also lose a lot of blockchance. So only thing here would be 35 shield and get parry higher.

50 flex in my opinion is definitely necesarry cause Levi is just too good. With a 3.0 Flex you attack so fast and still do damage like a tank with a 2h weapon.

I think a safe spot for SR is 45. You get the last damage add at 44, and at 45 you get the last life drain proc and melee damage debuff.

So 50flex, 35shield, 15parry and 45SR.

Is it worth it over 42 shield?

I personally don't think so. Damage add is just a small boost. Your main damage doesn't come from weapon and with a 3.0 fast attack damage add isn't that great in difference to the yellow one and the LT proc buff is also a small amount.

If you land slam without enemy purge it is practically a free kill with Levi spam.
Yroniel - SB

Re: Reaver spec lines

Cadebrennus wrote:
Thu 15 Oct 2020 10:16 AM
I'm not a Reaver expert (I specialize in DW/CD classes) but couldn't a quick enough Reaver get in a Levi during a Numb? And be able to do it over and over every 10 seconds? Or is it better to Slam and hope they don't Purge, and then spam as many Levis as you can?

Yes you can numb and hit a Levi in time. Especially with Alb having a 2.5 shield. Also works if you have ASR on you with 20ish value. Not sure if you get a 34 ASR if you can land it though.
Yroniel - SB

Re: Reaver spec lines

tommccartney wrote:
Thu 15 Oct 2020 9:05 AM
High SR isn’t worth it imo. 36sr -> 44sr costs 324 points, and for not much in return, and you give up slam.

Slam + Levi is the very back bone of reaver dps.

But each to their own

True. I was trying to figure out a spec outside of the 2 cookie cutter ones. Not that there is anything wrong or terrible with the 2 most common ones...