Infil Tips - Pro Players Please Help Me =)

Looking for a few things.

1. What is the best spec's for RR1 and up? How would you progress RA's upon being fully templated and doing PvP?

2. What are the biggest template items you've found help for infil? Besides legion heart.

3. What poison setups do you run, against what, and why?

Last part: What do you struggle fighting against the most as an infil (aside from other stealthers).


Re: Infil Tips - Pro Players Please Help Me =)

- Personally here's what I did when I started out. Grouped or zerged to RR5 and specced 35 stealth/44 CS/39 thrust/38 dw/35 envenom.
- The RAs I had at RR5 was purge 3, vanish, first aid 1, long wind, tireless, aug con 2, aug str 2, aug dex 2, aug qui 2, and moa 2. From there you can start putting points into mastery of pain or toughness. Around RR6 you can go full viper if you want.
- Biggest template items: heart of legion (heal) and cloak of intrigue (ablative) are your inventory items for charges. Weapon with a DD charge on it for interrupts or closing the distance.
- Poison setups: I always have 2 sets of weapons with enervating/disease/dot. And 1 extra for snare. I always use every poison except for snare, no matter what class I'm fighting. Save snare for speed burst classes, like hunters/rangers.
- Personal struggles as a solo inf would be tanks and champs. Depending on the RR, some melee dps can be rough, along with skald.

Re: Infil Tips - Pro Players Please Help Me =)

44 CS 39 thrust is good spec I use it too at 6L.
RA= lw1 tireless1, purge 3/4, vanish1, mop3, aug quick and moa at 3/4... than u can increase passive or go viper4
For envenom I start debuf const and disease, than dot on weapon with dot proc... a second set with all this poison if they purge... I use garrote for snare usually
I usually inc all class but hybrid like champion VW are strong... skald can left the inc in any moment so you can try them but 90% of time they sos or mezz and excape

Re: Infil Tips - Pro Players Please Help Me =)

my experience is that CS is an iffy line IMO

1) PA hard to get off
2) PA doest hit that much harder than reg styles

so why not full merfiltrator? left over into CS?

50 dw/44DW
44 weapon/50weapon ( if you want dragonfang)
35 poison
35 stealth
few left over to allocate how you

great growth on DW styles
not dependant on getting in front of people to PA someone.

can approach from side/rear (much easier) to land positionals to open
high weapon skill

just my take on what i did 12 years ago, and when i mak emy infil here I will do

atm im in Mid leveling Szerker.

Re: Infil Tips - Pro Players Please Help Me =)

The GR of garrote and combo is higher than any other style, the DW boost is the blading system atm...
PA is not so hard to land, and damage is not high as live but is always better that any normal style. Depend how you like to play an assassin.
PA is a fast way to kill the target and help to avoid the enemy add... the problem is only vs other assassin where is hardest to land than with visible.
But when you win the PA with other stealth you win... All the combo drop target to 20%...

but yes dual is more easy to play for sure...

I think there is nothing better than other but only exist different play style...

For me 44 CS is more fun, I can put 3 combo with 7 sec from PA... I have direct stun on evade, side ars for 34%, good dmg from garrote (and snare too) and from the combo style... I love this way to play assassin...