Reaver Attributes +piety?

Basically wanted to see if Sarcen with high DEX at starting would benefit more from starting with +10 to STR, QUI, and Piety? Or if the standard starting points with Sarcen should be +10 to STR, DEX, QUI?
Thanks for input/discussion

Re: Reaver Attributes +piety?

Depends on your desired spec. If you want to maximize block and levi dmg, its dex qui and str. If you want more mana and dmg from spells, you will need acuity. Its really a question of your prefered spec.

Re: Reaver Attributes +piety?

I believe the ideal set up would either be

Saracen +15 dex/10 qui
Saracen +10 dex/qui/str

Pie and Con, while you will want them in your template, give fairly minimal return for the reaver.

Dex is weaponskill/defense/shield weaponskill
Quick is swing speed (essential)
Str is weaponskill
Con is hit points
Pie is mana pool/maybe spell damage (insignificant)

I will almost certainly be doing 15 dex/10 quick on my Reaver.

Re: Reaver Attributes +piety?

Simply put:
The majority of your damage comes from prof damage from your weapon styles. So the quicker you get a style off the better. Your Melee damage from swinging quicker goes down but you're going to proc the same damage quicker. You want the best swing speed possible from the slowest weapon. Ideally you can cap all in a reaver temp str con Rex quick and piety, we were able to do for our Reaver in Aether when we ran on alb.

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