Re: PvE Paladin and Reaver questions

I’m assuming these are your first chars.
The respective Sidi chest piece with healproc is the best for Both Paladin & Reaver.
The dragon large shield (3.0speed) with LT proc is probably best for both.

For Pala weapons... I don’t know, Are you slash/thrust or crush. But probably one with LT or heal.

Reavers work fine with Crafted 3.0speed weapon with haste proc.

So 40k feathers each and plats for SCing.

Re: PvE Paladin and Reaver questions

I've been looking at the Warlord's Golden War Mace (I'm crush) and the AF buff seems nice, if it stacks with the other AF buff effects.
LT might be nice, but we're looking to do purple mobs so it might get resisted a lot?
I assume you are talking about the Dragonflame Protector? But has a LT on attack, aren't there any shield with a proc on getting hit?