Re: Typical Friar Spec

Friars don’t have enough specc points to be a healer and perform in 1v1.

To be a healer (in 8v8 for example) you need 40+ Rejuv, 45+enhance, 18staff.

For solo, the specc I always go back to is:
45ench, 39staff, 23parry, 16rejuv. (This specc works great in a duo too)

For duo, smallman or possibly a peeler role in 8man you can go a hybrid specc with
45ench, 34staff, 34rejuv

Re: Typical Friar Spec

For 8man you’ll want to go with the above Rejuv spec, you’ll be brought a long for fast NS cures and to help the cleric heal (you’re taking the spot of a cleric after all). Rejuvenate spec is also great with zerg surfing but you will have massive issues with a healing friars worst enemy.... keeps/towers. You’ve got great single target heals but your group healing is horrible and power consuming.

The hybrid spec is great for zerg surfing, soloing, smallmaning. The more melee version is great for solo or smallmans.

There is also some out there that prefer a lower enhance (35/36) as it gives you wiggle room to raise staff or rejuv higher. IMO dropping enhance your the 30s biggest drawback is lowered heat resist, the Dex/quick, ABS and AF buff aren’t massive affected by this. I’d only do that for zerg surfing or smallmanning/soloing. 8v8 wants those resists.

Re: Typical Friar Spec

For 8v8 the heat resist (46 ench) is important and maybe cold resist (48ench) depending on popularity if mid casters.

I have heard of friars dropping ench to 37/38 for yellow resists... for this to work you would need cleric to throw you spec AF, and you still would be squishier with 5% less absorb. If you have high MoArcane that would aid this specc. But you would get Decent staff 34 for dmg & great peels, with 40/43 rejuv to cure NS.

these specs would Likely be discussed with your regular 8v8.

Re: Typical Friar Spec

I've never done DS on my friar, how important are the red heat/cold resist buffs for DS?
(I can see why parry is pointless for a PvE friar that is not taking damage and just assisting (& same goes for absorb/AF)).

The style review maybe coming up soon and i am hoping the 44staff style gets changed to a 2-part chain rather than 3; and therefore, becomes somewhat useful in RvR.
If this is the case i can see myself trying: 44staff 45ench, 16rejuv, 11parry.

Re: Typical Friar Spec

For DS resists aren’t important but a good rejuv is helpful for the heal proc. Albs tend to run multiple tanks and the heal proc is a great way for the group to get some heals in situations where the whole group gets AEd. The hybrid spec or rejuv specs are great for this. The 40 heal proc heals for 100 per proc.

Lastly friar gets spec conc based AF too. That said the mid 30s enhance self spec AF is still higher than yellow conc AF.