Farming areas.

Cannot find any area particularly good at farming gold with my necro. Currently annoying the matter cabby's on the beach just chain pulling yellow orcs. However the drops are not great and even just constant pulling I make only about 1p per hour in gold and vendor gems an hour and salvage is pretty poor. Where can I go in albion. On mid I went to the axehands for the better salvage areas and the hib versions on my animist. I know they got nerfed but it brought in more than double my necro does in gold per hour rate.

Thanks for any advice.

Re: Farming areas.

not a professional farmer, but shouldn't a necro be chainpulling ora/reds?

You are solokilling mobs that other classes AOE-farm...if that yielded good money, then the AoE-farm would be completely gamebreaking

Re: Farming areas.

Also nota professional farmer, but the equivalent mobs to axehands on Albion are gorgers in Lyn Barfog. The drop rate of rich metal drops was also nerfed, but you will still get the (rare) item that salvages for full arcanium. Gorgers are on the west side of the zone and run pretty much from top to bottom. They are OJ/Red to a 50, so they will be a better quarry for you than yellow orcs. If you fancy staying in SI lands, you can head over to Gwyddenau and hunt ancient zombies or water elements. The elementals even drop xp items that you can sell to boost your hourly plat rate.
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