Re: MoArcane cost reduction

evert wrote:
Thu 6 May 2021 6:37 AM
Nephamael wrote:
Wed 5 May 2021 11:19 PM
This would help every single buffer in all 3 realms, i can see no downside whatsoever.
It would reduce the gvg entry RR for buff classes significantly too.

I have been talking with a bunch of gvg druids and they all support this. Can't imagine any shaman or cleric is against this.


Come on, that doesn’t make any sense. I’ve been talking with a bunch of solo skalds and we all agree that giving skalds speed 10 and warlock chambers would be great. It would significantly help skalds, can’t imagine any skald is against this! Big up!

You are waaay to narrow-minded.
I've talked to numerous Mentalists, Hunters and Minstrels and all came to the same conclusion. Being able to charm the Realm Dragon is completely appropriate, as it helps farm the Dragon by simply /duel someone while its passive charmed to ease the Gear/remains/items/drops for everyone in the Realms; and also in RvR combat when dealing with Realm Enemies (Dragons have to be accessible in the old Relic Keeps obviously).
This would significantly help not only all the Realms, but the Minstrels, Hunters and Mentalists as well. I can’t imagine any Minstrel, Hunter or Mentalist to be against this!
Triple Big up!

Ok, to be SEMI on Topic:
The only way for me to see MoArcane cost reduced, would be to lower ALL Buffs of all Classes, pots, charges, selfbuffs, timed, conc. etc. by 20%. Which would mean that a RED buff would need MoArcane9 to be capped.