Re: The game is getting boring

Hector wrote:
Thu 4 Mar 2021 12:48 AM
At the end of the day, it's 2021 and we are playing a 20 year old game. The question shouldn't be how do we keep things going as is?
"daoc is 19 years old these changes will make it fun"
*changes it*
"guys this is boring daoc is a 20 year old game these changes will make it fun"

Next year it will be 2022 do they have to botch the already botched game again then too for you?

Re: The game is getting boring

Honestly, seasons is the way to go.

For sure dont make people level again, but the tediousness comes from every group now having every single toy up in every fight and there being nothing interesting or dynamic left to it.

+timers are way too short so each fight becomes an RA dump anyway.

Reason the events are so popular is that everyone is given the same access to the same toys and the same start and it's pure chaos, and its great. That and the actual 'playable' area in the last event was more diverse than the entire playable area for most of the playerbase who just rotate between beno/dc/bled dock/drop now anway.

Add seasons in rvr and move people away from the keeps a bit and you have your fun back again.

Re: The game is getting boring

Nephamael wrote:
Wed 3 Mar 2021 8:00 PM
And speeding up the way to 6L0 will be the most vital part of being a new-player-welcoming-server. For all content - here you are completely wrong. People should not get forced to play the 1 content open for all to make quick RPs (zerging) - the zergs are very healthy in hib and alb and the only reason they are struggling in mid is because there are no 24/7 zergleaders around.

I don't believe that people should be or are forced to play one type of content. I would think, however, that players who express a yearning for the path of least resistance to maximum reward need to accept that they will have to engage in certain styles of play to actually achieve that in a game with open world PvP. They can still solo or PUG and they will climb in ranks. It just isn't going to be quite as easy, and they will lose a lot of fights. Personally, I don't see what is wrong with that. It's a PvP MMORPG. The task rewards are much more significant pre RR5 for exactly this reason.

As for seasons-- I don't really see the point. You attract a number of players for what might be an exciting "launch", and within a month or two there is already a significant rift in RL again. What is gained? You brought in some amount of players who couldn't be bothered to play the server in its current state and now they are quitting again in a couple of months. So you are left with a population that looks much the same as it currently does

The server is then set to reset again after a year and the same thing happens, only this time you have a 1-3 month period at the end of the "season" where most players are disinterested in participating as their progress is just going to get wiped once more. I have trouble envisioning it not turning out this way, and I just don't buy that somehow an RR reset will make all the "new" players that it might bring in stick around.

And let's be real, with very few exceptions, they wont be actual new players, they will be players who have already quit for one reason or another and will do so again.

I do think there is an argument to be made that as the server has been refined over the past couple of years there is some chance that certain new-old players will realize how much better it has become since the drudgery of OF has been removed, but I'm not convinced that will somehow result in a better population a few months after a reset, especially knowing another one is coming.

Re: The game is getting boring

What about finding a new system for RR: (out of the box thinking)

You start with 40 RA points and +4 all skills (RR5), every month if you achieve 1 million points you get 1 Realm Rank upgrade, and thats the maximum per month per character.

Next month you start with +10 RA points.
So 50 RA points, +5 all skills (RR6)
This throttles progression of people who are rushing RR, and every 6 months players can get to RR10+ with only 1million RP per month earned.
Then reset to RR5 every 6 months.
At least the game doesnt get stale and most player can fight on an even playing field in terms of RA.
You would also have catch-up mechanism, meaning if you are on the 3rd month a fresh 50, you'd get a 10% rp bonus per month elapsed and a total limit of 1RR upgrade per month elapsed, in this case you get a 30% RP bonus and up to 3Million=3 RR upgrades.

If you achieve RR10+ at the end of the 6 months

If you achieve RR 10+ in a 6 month period, then at the reset your character starts at with 1 RR upgrade already
People who havent achieved 10L+ will restart at 5L and those who have, will restart from rr6.
After 4 seasons everybody is reset to 5L
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Re: The game is getting boring

that sounds like it is only capping the most extreme players, while heavily hindering most people that aren't getting 1mill RPs per month...
FFS 1million RP per month is over 30k a day...what about playing 3hours a day, every day, for a month straight seems like something benefitting a casual player ^^

And the fresh 50 on month three, they get a 30% RP Bonus, but can "max out" at 3million RP that month. So deducting the 30% bonus (assuming it would be flat % multiplicative with all other existing bonuses) the 3million turns into approximately 2.3million RPs to be earned without the bonus.
Which in turn means over 75k RP/day, every day, for a month straight.
So just invest basically a full time jobs scedule into the game and you can catch up

Resets do not help the casual players. It might look like that for a very very miniscule time right after reset, but the people who play all day will increase their advantage INCREDIBLY fast at the start, while at high RRs their progress heavily declines. while at the same time a gap of 2-3RRs doesn't hurt as much anymore.
The only solution would be removal of the grind, and plenty of freeshards have shown that that doesn't create any longterm appeal to the majority of the players

Re: The game is getting boring

*class dependent*

Classes that require multiple actives to be competitive: healer, bard, eld, etc. have certain power spikes and diminishing returns on realm rank until another benchmark is hit.

Eldritch power spikes:
Purge 2-10
Dex 3-4
(MoF 3-4)
Casting speed v-10

37 points(41 with mof); 4L7(5l1 with mof). For a utility caster, this is the start at being competitive.

Next power spike for the eld is 5l8 (6l1) with mom3 and wp4. At this point you’re a big enough hammer to be a consistent threat.

After that, you’re looking at increasing purge, ichor and damage passives. The extra purge points only makes a difference if you need to purge. The extra ichor is nice. The extra damage passives are nice.

As you increase in realm ranks, obviously the passives increase and your overall dps increases a few percentage points. So what’s the difference between a rr6 and 12?

Higher purge, mcl2, maybe some PD, ichor 3, and higher damage passives.

Out of all of that, the most impactful is probably mcl2, followed by ichor 3. Damage passives obviously create an overall higher dps experience, but the roi per ra point spent goes down significantly.

So yes, more rr = better. However, once you hit your classes competitive power spikes, it’s more about the decisions you make, decisions your team makes and how you play as a team.

If you’re a mid rr pug, of course you’re going to struggle against a group that is higher rr and plays together often. Particularly groups that are high rr that run the flavor of the month groups: theurg, merc x 2, min, friar, sorc, cleric

Re: The game is getting boring

So much of this conversation is assuming that it's impossible to have fun in this game at low RR and that it's impossible to find success at low RR and that there are no mechanisms for getting through the low RRs quick and easy already. I don't find any of that to be true. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing my toons even at low RR, and it hasn't stopped me from playing the way I'd like, either.

Hell, a few weeks ago I picked up a couple solo kills on my RR3 healer in a task zone and had a couple losing fights mixed in that I still enjoyed because I learned from them and felt that I'd have a better shot next time. In the process, I got a boatload of bonus RPs from for being low RR. The other day, I also respec'd my BD to BA for giggles. I went and helped defend Glen for maybe 40 minutes with him, learned a bit, had some fun even though I died and we lost the keep, and suddenly found myself getting over 2,000 bonus feathers and crapload of bonus RPs for having been there.

If y'all aren't enjoying the game, maybe Magesty is right and it's because you just don't much like MMORPGs. That's not to say that there aren't always things worth improving, but effectively removing progression because you think there's a horde of casual 1-2 hour-a-weekers who would jump into and compete in high level 8v8 as a result and who you think hate playing the rest of the game is frankly ridiculous.
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