Re: [Suggestion] Even out the template cost's between caster and melees

gotwqqd wrote:
Sun 31 Jan 2021 12:47 AM
I’ve created max templates for all archetypes using mostly mid 50’s utility items and 99% gear
I think maybe on a few classes I needed some 60ish utility items and maybe mp hands and/or feet.
When searching for items on merchant look for lots of either 1% resist or 1 stat. This allows you to fill holes cheaply with gem crafting. Particularly stats.
Also get creative with weapons so you overlap stats and don’t need a weapon less template

I would love to see capped assassin template with 50 or even 60 rogs and 99 armor

Re: [Suggestion] Even out the template cost's between caster and melees

Nephamael wrote:
Sun 31 Jan 2021 11:50 PM
I think a good way to make it a bit cheaper would be reducing crafting cost of crafted armor in chain/plate and the equivalents in the other realms.

A good way to make it a bit easier would be adding 10ish single utility to feather items indeed (especially Galla chest/legs/arms).

The most expensive part are still the rogs tho, unless they implement feather jewelry which you actually can use to cap out a temp as melee. Making melee temps ~10 plats cheaper would be a start, but that's actually not what i suggest. I suggest equality and to close the ridiculous gap between caster and melee temps and even them out. I really can't see why a melee temp has to be much, much more expensive compared to a caster temp - on a caster server - unless devs want to keep the server caster dominated. Which i doubt, but then i would need an explanation why this is still overlooked by devs.

Re: [Suggestion] Even out the template cost's between caster and melees

With the (maybe) upcomming style overhaul i think this topic is worth to bump.

It might help to shift from a caster heavy server to a more balanced one between caster and melees, if people have easier access to melee templates than they do now, so that melees actually become somewhat attractive to play in rvr. Melee templates do not have to be dirt cheap as caster templates(even though i don't know why it should not regarding rogs and feather items at least) but the price gap between both sides is still ludicrous high and there are plenty feather items which could be improved stat wise, since nobody uses them anyway - which means it does not have to be new drop loot with higher utility or existing loot with a higher drop rate to solve that problem. Alone this would help already and a crafter could still earn a coin or two, since the costs of crafted gear between cloth/ staves and everything else including weapons is still considerable.

If melees are currently doomed to sit bored in rams or are only good enough to chase rabbits, let's try not to even load their burden by giving them the huge grind and investment of gear to actually become that bored golden melee bot on top of that. Instead make them feel a bit more needed in rvr and not just pve.