Being a decent person and player go hand and hand

I just came back to this game after a 17 year hiatus. Understandably (least it should be) things have changed, some people have never seen zones or heard of them. You dont want to group with them because their noobs thats your prerogative and no one will fault you for it . It takes a half second to help a newer player you can choose to or choose not too. The second you the disrespect a person your discouraging people from wanting to play again hence stunting the growth of the server. Call me a snowflake I dont care but the way some people talk to people in the game for whatever reason and think they're gods gift to the game. You're a cancer i'll take flack dont care most of you are going to have a rebuttal and be keyboard warriors no matter whats said. My suggestion treat others the way you want to be treated. We were all new once and to be disrespectful to people who are totally classless. Anyone of any importance would like to discuss this further, you know my names in game

Re: Being a decent person and player go hand and hand

I have no idea who you are in game... as such I will reply here. I personally agree with you. You catch more flies with honey. Being that part of my professional career involves the continuous growth of the people I employ, I can tel you that being condescending or disrespectful will get you no where.

The best thing you can do is to maintain the attitude you have now and people will flock to play with you overtime. I have no shortage of people asking me to run with them. I always have a group if I want and I believe truly that it is largely in part due to how I treat people.

it’s better to coach in the moment than to be derogatory in the moment.... example:
Scenario: your groups minstrel just insta stunned a det9+stoicism tank when your arms man was nearby close enough to slam.
Negative response: OMG who is this noob why are we running with them etc
Positive Response: I appreciate that you saw the need for the stun, however incase you weren’t aware any tank with det9+stoicism is going to walk right out of your caster stun. It’s ok in an emergency , however we should really let our tanks slam whenever it’s possible for a full duration stun. But again great job recognizing the need for cc.

No b.s. this was a real life scenario and both responses happened. The minstrel quit to guild he was running with to join our guild after we coached and developed him with a positive response. He went on to be hands down the best mincer I have ever played with and he is sadly no longer playing these days: but a great friend was created and a lot was learned. He brought more to the table later because he knew if he was ever wrong that we wouldn’t scold him or make him feel stupid.

So stay who you are and other talented people with the right attitude will flock to you.

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