Event statistics

First of all, Thanks for a great event! This has without doubt been the best event concept so far!

If possible i would find it very interesting to see statistics such as:

- How many new characters were created?
- How many reached 50?
- How many new accounts were created
- etc.

Wraghh - RR 11L3 Chanter
Raghh - RR 8L2 Armsman
Braghh - RR 6L3 Skald

Re: Event statistics

Some more statistics might come once it's over, but a couple quick numbers for now:
754_350 deaths by 23_864 unique characters with 382 deaths being the highest amount for a single character and 1_719 characters having died at least 100 times each.

Re: Event statistics

Definitely an event you should bring back every couple months

I was a heavy critic of the initial XP nerf massacre, but after multiple buffs you definitely found the happy medium and it was a freaking blast.

Re: Event statistics

Nephamael wrote:
Sun 27 Sep 2020 4:19 AM
Should defnitely bring it back now and then maybe for a bit shorter timespan, like 3 days and 12h (for NA) or so.

This. Like a Friday, Sat, Sun would be perfect. Full week was too long....if you didn't enjoy the event, the rest of the server (mostly NF) was completely dead for the duration.