Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

Snorki wrote:
Wed 13 Jan 2021 12:56 AM
What if....

They made a second server that only had this ruleset.

Are you going to pay for it? This stuff isn't cheap. The idea that Uthred and company are paying out of their own pocket to give us something free to play amazes me, especially with the way we treat them.
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Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

I literally said I would be down to pay for it. I also am just saying I really enjoyed it and would pay to play a game or server that was strictly this ruleset. I dont expect them to do it ever much less for free was just speculating and saying it is really nice for a casual player like myself. Games like DOTA and CS were created by random people and then became a whole genre of gaming on their own I feel like a game with this ruleset would be popular as well. Just saying the Devs had a great idea I bet it could even be a badass game if someone made it. It is easy to get into you, you still feel a sense of progression like in MMOs but without the grind, and it is fast paced team based like MOBA games. Would probably attract people who enjoy both games.

Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

Suggestion for the event, if GMs are reading this deep:

Adjust map and map size according to event count for each level group. So, if 45-48 hits over 50 people or whatever number you choose, make the map change to a larger map instantly (just like instant port on level).

The current map is a bit small when too many groups are present, and our group even had people porting literally on top of us since there was no open space left. When there are less people in the level range, the map works great, but there is a limit to that map size. I saw over 100 people in 2 zones at once on a couple occasions, and there was no where to go without standing on multiple groups at once. Great event though!

Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions


I posted that elsewhere but i think it's the right place here.

During the event i faced the problem of akf players in (auto)group.
So i suggest:
1- The autogroup shouldn't be activated by default when you log in proving ground, you must have to /autogroup manualy. (let you time to check equipment, train and so).
2- When you disband in a group, even in safe zone autogroup should be desactivated until you manualy /autogroup.
3- When the group is disbanded by leader, or everyone leave the group, autogroup should be desactivated too, so an afk player won't fill a new group.


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