Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

Lev wrote:
Thu 24 Sep 2020 9:55 AM
Sepplord wrote:
Thu 24 Sep 2020 9:07 AM
That said, it seems as if this event was not ONLY for fun, but also as a catch-up/get started with a new char mechanic for people that wanted to try something new. Especially with the quadruple RP-event in the end jumpstarting peoples RR so they can feel viable in the inflated RR environment of our frontier zones.
jumpstarting through 4x rp? you sound as this is only positive.

you could look at the other angle: why even play your fresh RR2 lvl50 in a BG for weeks to reach RR5 when you can just wait for the next 'great' event with exorbitant incentives like a +300% bonus to rp. this completely devalues getting RP after the event, when we get 8k to 12k per hour in a BG again.
I mean, I considered deleting my numerous RR3 chars because it would be much much faster from lvl1 to RR5 in this event then to just play them regularly later.

This BG RR grind is a pain, i think its bad design.
Either give some RR abilities for free or give everybody 50 RR points at lvl 50
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Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

darkstar00 wrote:
Wed 23 Sep 2020 11:10 PM
bennykins_tv wrote:
Wed 23 Sep 2020 7:34 PM
darkstar00 wrote:
Wed 23 Sep 2020 7:29 PM
The event is quite frustrating 40+. Xp definitely slows down and premade groups are more prevalent. So you get rolled by pre-made groups more often and can go some rounds without any xp gain... unless you stay dead and wait patiently for that group that killed you die in the next fight.

Up until lvl 40 the event is tolerable since the xp is fast. 40+ ehhhhhh not really fun.

Maybe try joining a organized group?

Oh right like I didn't think of that, like its always easy getting an organized group. Thanks for the retarded comment.

It must suck living a sad lonely life.. I have been able to find a premade literally every single night of this event from when it started and I just came back to PHX servers literally a week before this event. stop being anti social, you play a MULTI MASSIVE ONLINE ROLE PLAYING GAME!

Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

The event is a hodgepodge of ideas without a direction. Some cool ideas, but if you want to turn daoc into a battlegrounds game just look how successful Warhammer Online was, it wasn't. It allows for another avenue of play which is welcome, but won't likely attract any new players, just retain players who would have otherwise left.

Quick gameplay, basically daoc as a FPS

Elitism is enhanced, not curbed
All 3 realms means most classes will be considered unplayable
Zero chance for pugs to compete against any kind of coordination (premades/discord)
No level playing field, RR still trumps without imposed limits

Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

This event is what I've expected from CU - Fast RVR without any Mobs. There are some cons and when you play DAoC sirously there are much more Cons than pros (only cons I think), but I play DAoC for fun only. And for me was the event a week full of fun and funny moments.

I think you can make a sever with this event only and it would be a success - like Camlann.
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Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

Great event! You guys are really killing it with all these awesome events. I wonder if you could take some of the ideas from this event and apply them to BGs?
For example:
- Implement autogroup in BGs
- Make party size 5 cap
- Increase XP for kills (no where near event level XP)
- implement pet summon in BG
- implement ROG drops

Either way great job. Came back after 6+ month hiatus just for the event. Will now be playing with my new Alb!

Re: A Level Playing Field - Feedback & Suggestions

The event idea was great but at the end terrible implemented. No blaming or shaming here but this is just my personal impression of the event:

Premades vs Pugs - [just why?]
Premades were cutting out key classes for pugs which were flooded with sneaks instead - [oof!]
No porting back into the zone when died + ld - [really?]
Disband function had no timer so everyone could abuse it and disband on rapid fire - [no one tested that before?]
Porting/ running back into ck from the battlefield, great to cheese people - [why is this even possible?]
RP gain(actually a good idea BUT) - just made it even more ez for premades to faceroll pugs and no chance at all in the 50 zone to actually make it till rr5L5 and if so, premades already have 3 or 4 toons brought to that rr - [no words for that, really]
Event killed the action in rvr - [obviously]
Event made all pre existing toons below rr5L5 and lvl 50 a case for the trash can - [no slacker or casual benefited from that event as much as the already rvr set people did]
Terrible xp for a whole day - [imagine you only could play on that day for a longer period of time]
No way to storage your loot - [so if you had no crafter, the option was to sell it to the npc or destroying it - wow another nice thing for people who already have everything]

Grouping with all 3 realms
Battlefield clusterfcks
Fast paced
Still more fun than the mob grind event