Brought this up to a gamemaster on discord and they said i should post it here that they thought it could be a good idea. Allowing the option of donating on the site, in return different donor levels could give you rewards that DO NOT ALTER GAMEPLAY. So no op items ect, but maybe some unique titles or cosmetic items like a cloaks or something you could skin, maybe unique items for your house, like different bindstones or being able to change your NPCs, such as having a merchant who looks like a Cabby pet or something. Nothing that would change actual in game functions but just fun little rewards. I'd be more than happy to donate to help keep the server up or pay for upgrades on the back end ect. Since the server is free, and I'm sure others would be willing to throw in a few bucks as well.

Re: Donations

There is a donate option linked at the top here in the forum or on the main website and we'd appreciate the donations but there will never be anything in return.