Exklude Thidranki/BGs from Realm Timer!

It would be nice beeing able to change realms on the spot when one side has low pop to make rvr possible. Player driven realm balance.
Many of the guys from the thid discord swap between hib/mid on a daily basis because of alb overpopulation and to make gvg possible.
This change shoudlnt effect anyone negativly.

Perhaps add a global chat mute for 1 hour after realm change to avoid harassment via /send , /region and /advice.
You could leave /group and /say open for communication.

Re: Exklude Thidranki/BGs from Realm Timer!

Because alb is overpop in thid people switch between hib and mid? What is the logic behind this? It does not change the overpop on the alb side and does not matter if you play on mid or hib in thid as group. The people who are stuck to thid for what ever reason already hang in the same discord channels, so it's ez to coordinate that everyone of them is on the same realm to play together. I can't see any benefit for the server health if it's even easier to stay stuck at thid. It's just allows the thid people to swap realm on their desire to don't get insane after playing thid only. It also enables rp farming between those people - not that the thid rp will hurt anybody at the end, but still.