Re: The Web App Suggestions Thread

More suggestions:

Add ALL the specific skills available. I was searching for instruments, but I can't look for +Instrumnets skill, only +ALl Magic Skills, and many Minstrel items are specifically +Instruments. The in-game market explorer assumes that if I say +Instruments then +All Magic Skills should be included as well. That would be smart to replicate.

Add realm exclusion for the general item search. It seems like the results are filtered right now based on the realm into which I am logged. So, why should the pulldown menu for Alb include Celtic Spear(Hib) / Spear (Mid)?

Re: The Web App Suggestions Thread

I would like to be able to save my searches, so that i can daily search the things I am looking for, quickly.
I think the app is missing proc type.
The app is also missing swing speed for weapons.

I would like to be able to see all my characters on all my accounts (0,1,2,3,4,5,etc..) and each realm, sometimes I forget where is which character and I have to log in and out and in multiple times.
If we could also rearrange where each char is located, so if we no longer play a character but its on the default (0) account, then we could move it to another character page.
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Re: The Web App Suggestions Thread

Searching housing now is awesome! So easy to weed out the 38 util trash for 2P.

Add dual wield skill. Maybe it’s there and I didn’t see it. I was trying to exclude anything with DW and couldn’t find it.
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