Paper doll lock please?

Is it possible to put a lock on your character So once you get him fully tempted you can lock or unlock the paper doll so you don’t accidentally swap out a jewel or item and screw up your entire template. I noticed yesterday that my warriors weaponless template was missing some resists. Somehow I swapped one of the bracers and had to redo the whole thing I think it had to of happened before you could repair and recharge all.

Just wondering if it is possible to have a toggle lock unlock. You will still need to unlock if you try different weapons.
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Re: Paper doll lock please?

Great idea. I'll take it a step further to be an ESO-like item lock, to prevent items from being sold or salvaged by mistake. Maybe I'm the only person who has misclicked Salvage instead of Craft when SCing a MP item, but I doubt it.

Re: Paper doll lock please?

gotwqqd wrote:
SVD wrote:
Mon 13 Jul 2020 12:20 AM
Agree with you, this could be a good in-game-life utility
Will it affect /swap?

It could lock just items and not armors/weapons, also because a tp usually takes advantage of rog-items and not armors/weapons that are usually crafted or real drop (tusca/galla/sidi).
Loosing a rog by mistake force you to recreate all the tp, loosing an armor or weapon usually don't

Re: Paper doll lock please?

Seems like it would be easier to have an npc that you could bring items to that could make them unsellable. Kind of like the padding merchant.

Either this or a way to rename an item but make it not able to trade it so there's no market explorer confusion. Maybe both of these?